Raising Our Energy for Healing and Wellness

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I recently read the book The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer. While not everything he says resonates with me, it’s a fabulous read and I highly recommend it. He quotes 29 years of research by Dr. Hawkins shows the following: “One individual who lives and vibrates the energy of optimism and a willingness […]

10 Tips for Finding a Healer, Teacher, or Guide that works for you

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In this time of the great Shift and extraordinary change, many people are looking for ways to heal their pasts, transform the relationships with themselves and others, and find their own path to personal power in their lives.  As people search, they will discover various modalities from a variety of healers, teachers, therapists, life coaches, and […]

Feminine and Masculine Energies

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I want to talk a little bit about feminine and masculine, female and male, women and men, and the confusion that often exists between these terms and energies. Remember that what I am saying here is not based on words. I am simply using words to be specific about what I am talking about. Whether […]

Health and Wellness thru Personal Power

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And finally there it is. “60 Minutes”, a television news magazine, confirms what many have known for YEARS.  The placebo effect is AS EFFECTIVE as taking antidepressant drugs. Yes, YOU have the power to heal. The power always lies within you. It is not that pharmaceuticals are bad or “traditional”, “conventional” methods of healing are […]

The Power of Shamanic Healing

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Ever since I was a little girl I told my mother “I want to change the world.” As a 3-year-old it seemed like a lofty goal to the adults around me, but in my childlike mind, I knew the truth about what I was saying. Through my journey, I have come to realize that this […]