Feminine and Masculine Energies

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I want to talk a little bit about feminine and masculine, female and male, women and men, and the confusion that often exists between these terms and energies. Remember that what I am saying here is not based on words. I am simply using words to be specific about what I am talking about. Whether […]

The Power of Shamanic Healing

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Those of you who are drawn to Luminous Warrior are called to use this power of creation in a conscious, ethical, responsible, and powerful way, truly living your life aligned with your divine mission. If we are to shift the world, we need each one of you to step into your life purpose with integrity, […]

Increasing Capacity and Spirituality

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We recently had a visitor here at Luminous Warrior, a spiritual economist, social activist, friend, and enlightened being, Dr. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis. He spoke on True Warriorship. This speech came after 108 days of silent retreat in Thailand, and his insights were powerful. One of the lessons he shared was the fact that individuals who have […]