Luminous Warrior offers monthly Community Circles for those who are interested in healing and being part of a local community of support. We also partner with other organizations to bring healing, transformation and empowerment to veteran and warrior communities.

The Arlington Ceremonies

Three years ago Luminous Warrior Guardian Sara Salam and Ben King of Armor Down began a discussion about meditating in Arlington Cemetery. Three years later that conversation turned into “The Arlington Ceremonies”.

As part of the Arlington Ceremonies, Luminous Warrior is conducting in-person ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery which is the final resting place for 878 of the 6,853 (and growing number of) warriors who have fallen since September 11, 2001.

Sara is the first person to conduct a mindful moment of gratitude ceremony at every post 9/11 fallen warrior gravesite at Arlington Cemetery. Together with the Luminous Warrior Community, she is supporting the Mindful Memorial Day Foundation with preparations for Mindful Memorial Day 2017.

Mindful Memorial Day was inaugurated in 2014 by Armor Down, a Washington, D.C.-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business dedicated to helping our military service members make a successful transition back to civilian life.

Luminous Warrior has been conducting the Arlington Ceremonies on most Wednesdays since October 19, 2016, and we will continue until we have personally visited and honored all post-9/11 grave sites at Arlington. We are posting updates about these visits on our Facebook Page.

If you want to join us in The Arlington Ceremonies, you can do so in one or more of the following ways:

Image may contain: shoes, grass and outdoor1. Join us during visit days and ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery;

2. Join us at the start of the day to share blessings or offerings;

3. Join us at the end of the day to share a meal or tea; or

4. Connect mindfully from home.

Contact us for more details or follow the postings on the Mindful Memorial Day and Luminous Warrior Facebook Pages. You can also watch a video of an Arlington Ceremony here and see more photos here.

Honor Brigade

img_0258The Mindful Memorial Day Foundation is working to recruit 878 volunteers to conduct in-person mindful moments of gratitude at Arlington Cemetery grave sites during the 2017 Memorial Day weekend. This group of volunteers will be known as the Honor Brigade.

The MMDF welcomes anyone willing to perform this sacred ritual and is happy to provide training or suggestions for creating a mindful moment of gratitude at a fallen warrior’s grave site.

Luminous Warrior has volunteered to be part of the Honor Brigade.

The Bridge Project

img_0260The objective of the Bridge Project is to bring together healers and warriors around the shared practice of mindfulness.

The Bridge Project is the brain child of Armor Down, which actively promotes the increased use of mindfulness techniques to help those still suffering, and provides a unique opportunity for veterans and civilians to unite around a shared practice.

Luminous Warrior is helping the Mindful Memorial Foundation with their end goal: Create a DC-area resource map of warrior-friendly programs, teachers, and facilities.

We also are working collaboratively with Armor Down to bring together healers, veterans and warriors by offering programs for veteran, warrior and healer communities that include sacred ceremonies and shared practices in energy medicine and shamanic healing.

Learn more about The Bridge Project here.

Community Circles

despacho-ceremonyLuminous Warrior offers monthly Community Circles free of charge. Community Circles are for warriors and healers who may be seeking a community of support, or ceremonies and practices to heal, transform and empower their lives.

To attend, contact us or send us a direct message on Twitter (@luminouswarrior).

Learn more about Community Circles.