Luminous Warrior Programs meet individuals and groups where they are. Our programs focus on education, hands-on techniques, and experiential exercises to more fully understand, utilize and strengthen the mind~body~spirit connection and how it impacts other areas in our lives. Our programs foster personal growth, assist with creating and maintaining successful relationships, build communities of support, and provide essential coaching for any challenges that come with transitions in life.

Luminous Warrior takes a non-clinical, non-sectarian, inclusive and integrated approach to healing the body, mind and soul. We integrate energy medicine, shamanic healing techniques, sacred ceremonies, mind-body practices and mindful movement to help warrior and veteran communities heal, transform and empower their own lives. Shamanic Healing and energy medicine practices are particularly well-suited for warrior communities because they emphasize movement-oriented mindfulness, embodied healing practices, and earth-based ceremonies.

Luminous Warrior Programs are customized to the needs of the warrior and veteran communities. Speak to us about your needs and we will design a program for you.

Our Framework

The Luminous Warrior logo serves as a framework for the programs we offer.



Back triangleMind~Body~Spirit: The mind, body and spirit work together to build a strong foundation. There are specific energy medicine techniques, shamanic healing practices, sacred ceremonies and movements techniques that strengthen, heal, and empower the mind, body and soul. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a set of tools and techniques that rounds out the repertoire, and enables the group or individual to transform unwanted patterns, and mindfully create what is desired in life.


Red circle

Self Care~Community Care~Earth Care: After the Foundation is laid, we can attend to our Relationships. At Luminous Warrior, these include awareness practices, healing techniques, and ceremonies that create, strengthen and support an internal and external environment in which a group or an individual can thrive. Using the Foundation tools that have been learned, the focus in Relationships is to utilize, customize, and apply these tools to create harmonious relationships and self~care practices, while helping our communities and ecosystems thrive.


Sun raysInitiation~Integration~Graduation: The Initiation, Integration and Graudation components offer a way of Illumination throughout any Luminous Warrior Program. They respectively serve as beginning, middle and end points on the journey. The emphasis is on sharing and asking questions; authentically applying and purposefully integrating all of the skills and tools learned in the Luminous Warrior Program into a life that is personally meaningful, worthwhile and fulfilling; and celebrating the completion of the journey.