Luminous Warrior offers products to enhance the healing, transformation and empowerment of those we serve. We suggest natural and Earth-based ways to address imbalances in body, mind, spirit and relationships. Our product recommendations include medicinal teas and tinctures, therapeutic-grade essential oils, as well as stones and crystals.

Medicinal Teas & Tinctures

Luminous Warrior offers recommendations for medicinal teas and tinctures to heal the mind, body and spirit, and help to stabilize and enhance this healed state naturally, without the use chemicals or addictions.

As with any medicine, medicinal teas and herbs must be used with respect, knowledge, and caution. In cases where we cannot help, we gladly provide referrals.

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils


Therapeutic-grade essential oils are the original pharmaceuticals of Nature. Through a slow, low heat distillation process, the essence of the medicinal plant is extracted and can be used to aid in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Because therapeutic grade essential oils contain no plant matter –and hence no protein– those who are allergic to the plant may still be able to utilize its essential oil for medicinal purposes. We use essential oils daily for their healing and transformative effects on the levels of the mind, body and spirit.

We are happy to recommend oils for you or, you can research and order essential oils yourself. We recommend Young Living Essential Oils because of their “Seed to Seal” process and the high quality of their oils. Luminous Warrior is a distributor of Young Living essential oils and you can use our distributor number 1137755 on the Young Living website to place your order directly.

Stones & Crystals

salam-sara-4-of-26Stones and crystals are powerful healing allies. They are excellent containers for energies that may not be appropriate to carry in our bodies, minds or souls. They also work well as anchors for any healing we have received. If used in this way they become our Medicine Stones.

Stones and Crystals hold energies for billions of years. They often take just as long to be formed until they appear on the surface of our Earth so we can receive and harvest them. There are specific stones and crystals that work with specific people and energies. As is the case for an individual, each stone is entirely unique.

We offer single stones or crystals for specific healing, transformation or empowerment purposes, or a collection of stones that has been selected for you and that you can use for energy medicine, shamanic healing and sacred ceremonies. Reach out to us if you have any further questions or would like to begin working with healing stones or crystals.