Luminous Warrior was created by Sara Salam.

About Sara

Sara Salam is a trained western Shaman, mind-body practitioner, Krav Maga expert, and Georgetown MBA. Sara brings a whole-brained and practical approach to healing, spirituality, conscious living, and personal empowerment. A Pakistani-German and American citizen, she offers approaches that work for individuals and groups of different cultural, religious, and personal backgrounds. A formerly certified rape crisis counselor and senior business management consultant as well, Sara has the capacity to address personal empowerment and authentic living from various dimensions.

Learn more about Sara’s background and qualifications in her bio.
Read about Sara’s personal story in her ebook “How One Begins
Watch a 10-minute YouTube video on what inspired the creation of Luminous Warrior



About Luminous Warrior

Our INTENTION is to:

Heal, transform, and empower lives.

Our MISSION is to:

Activate the power of our full potential, see possibilities, experience and manifest miracles, and live authentically aligned with our hearts.

Our VISION is to:

Create a world in which Humanity lives in sustainable, harmonious, and reciprocal relationship with our Earth.

Our PURPOSE is to:

Create a community in which each person’s gifts are appreciated, valued, nurtured, nourished, and honored.

We do not offer beliefs, dogmas, or “one way” to approach life.

We offer:

  • Experiences that allow individuals to align with their unique gifts
  • Authentic approaches to life that include integrity, power, purpose, and meaning
  • Practical ways in which personal gifts can be of service to everyone involved
  • A powerful Sacred Space and supportive community for creating an authentic life
If you want to learn ways to heal, transform, and empower YOUR life, and begin to align your actions with your inner guidance, join the Luminous Warrior Community! 



Luminous Warrior is committed to being of service to our Earth. The Shamans call living in reciprocal, harmonious relationship with our Earth “Ayni” (‘eye-knee’) and so do we.

  • We offer variable pricing options
  • We work with NamasteLight to help plant a tree for every mailing we send