Bringing energy medicine, shamanic healing and sacred ceremonies into warrior and veteran communities.

Luminous Warrior provides project, programs, products and services to those who have experienced –or are surrounded by– grief, loss, trauma, violence or war, and as a result, find themselves in transition. It merges the inner warrior with the inner healer so that those affected can learn ways to heal, transform and empower their own lives with energy medicine, shamanic healing, sacred ceremonies and mindful movement. Shamanic healing and energy medicine practices are particularly suited for warrior communities because they emphasize movement-oriented mindfulness, embodied healing practices, and earth-based ceremonies.

Luminous Warrior’s intention is to heal, transform and empower the lives of others. Our mission is to activate the full healing potential of those we serve, help them see new possibilities, teach them ways to embody and create peaceful relationships, and live fully aligned with their hearts.

Our purpose is to empower veteran communities to create healed communities of safety and thriving. Our vision is that warriors become Stewards of our Earth who restore our ecosystems worldwide, reverse the human-induced effects of climate change, prevent and respond to natural disasters, and help humanity live in peaceful relationship with all of life.

“I have seen students come out of the Luminous Warrior Program more secure and confident in their abilities to face their fears in any and all aspects of their lives…the Luminous Warrior program works.”